Cold, Christmas-coming. Lergies - is anyone getting any work done?

Title says it all, I think.

My workshop is inside and centrally heated, but even that hasn't helped against lergies and preparations for Xmas.

-- Peter Fair

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Peter Fairbrother
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My workshop is in Qatar, I still have the AC on full.

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I guess its better to be in Quatar than have catarrh...

I'll get my coat...

Regards, Tony

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Tony Jeffree

My shop is at 10C, not bad since I'm installing the repair parts I make outdoors below freezing. I finally got the truck running yesterday, now need to fit a new (to me) hydraulic pump in the tractor before it snows:

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No, not everyone in the US keeps their house real warm. Mine's 14C right now, maybe I should light a fire.


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Jim Wilkins

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