Eagle Grinder Update

first thanks to all those who helped with info on this machine

It turns out to be the one that can operate with coolant and an outstanding

18 "x 6" of movement the bellows are all in good condition and no apparent play in spindle I can see what AM meant about a manual machine have to come up with a simple method of moving the table any idea what sort of table feed speed I should aim for I have a small 3 phase motor which is a worm drive and thought a couple of limit switches / relays to yo yo it what have other people done thanks for any ideas

Andrew Bishop

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Andrew Bishop
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spindle I can



When I had an Eagle SG I used two ex Landrover wiper motors to traverse and cross feed, coupled via toothed belts. Used microswitches and relays to reverse at the end of stroke and to trigger a short cross feed. By no means ideal but I was fed up with getting stiff arms cranking it back and forth. Now I have a hydraulic J&S 540 all that hassle has gone


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Andrew Mawson

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