Fitting VFD to BH600 lathe

Hello all,
I decided to break the bank and bought a NewtonTesla VFD system for
the BH600.
Has anyone else fitted one, and if so, where and how did you fit the
control box, and do the connections into existing electrics?
Lathe is still sitting on the garage floor, as I want to make a 4"
raising platform to fit under the stand.
Once this is done and lathe mounted on stand, I can then finish the
(The Pirate)
Norfolk - UK not VA
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I fitted one to my Harrison L5. I put the motor where the old motor was :) and the control box I attached to the drip tray, at the headstock end, so the controls are about at the level of the drip tray. works well, and the only perminant mod to the lathe was a couple of tapped holes to hold the control box on. The only other electrics on my lathe is a LoVolt light, which was 440V - 12V, so I got a LoVolt transformer for halogen lights and wired that to a seperate plug. My lathe plugs in, 1 for the motor, 1 for the light into existing 13A sockets. Ive kept all the 440V control gear, but unmounted and in a cardboard box, in case I need it, or sell the lathe but keep the VSD.
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Got the lathe onto its stand yesterday, the whole lot on a 4" high 2x4 base. Perfect working height. Fitted the 3 phase motor, but the terminal box fouls the underside of the headstock casting, making the belt too tight, so tight in fact I had to lever it on using a screwdriver. Will have another look later as I may be able to move the motor along the mounting plate to get the terminal housing to clear. This will necessitate drilling 2 extra holes for the motor feet, and moving the pully towards the motor - hopefully that is. Must take some photos.
GeoffH (The Pirate) Norfolk - UK not VA
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