Flat Drive Belt, Scarf Jointed

Does anyone know where I could find a flat drive belt, the type that
is joined in-situ with a scarf joint and an adhesive?
There used to be a company near Stirling Corner on the A1 near Barnet,
but I can't find their name now and assume they're not trading. The
belts were made by Walker Belting, who I also can't find in the UK.
There is a
Walker Belting company in the US who seem to do conveyor
I've had to move my lathe and the old belt had to be cut because it
passes through slots in the lathe stand. Any pointers would be
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I believe flat belts are available from Tony Griffith's lathes.co.uk
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Alan Bain
I have a contact oin the Midlands who will supply the belt and modern adhesives, it rather dependa on your location.
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Never used the following company but they get the thumbs up from the lads on the Stationary Engine forum for being very helpful, fast delivery and resonably priced.
RDB belting, Mow Cop, Stoke on Trent. 01782 511 014
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Jet Fitter
I'm in a similar situation (new flat belt needed for an older lathe).
I've had the idea for a while that maybe Fenner PowerTwist FrictionTop belt - see:
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run inside-out would work a treat - as I only need a couple of meters though and it only appears available in packs of 45m or so (at considerable cost....), I've yet to put this to the test.
Anyone know where I might get it in small quantities (B section would be best) ?
Over in the US (SouthBend lathe users, mostly, it would seem - lots on posts on the "Practical Machinist" forum) they seem to use automotive serpentine belts with a (rather long) diagonal joint using cyanoacrylate - the more conventional flat belt jointing methods appear to require application of considerable heat in order to vulcanize the adhesives, not really practical in all circumstances, and jigging in a hat resistant manner is also something of a pain....
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