FS: Electronic components

A box of electronic components for sale. All are new unless otherwise
stated. Open to offers.
Located in Hampshire (M3 J6/J7) and will be in the Midlands
(Stourbridge / Kidderminster area) for the long bank holiday weekend,
if anyone wants to collect. Otherwise delivery will be at cost
(courier /
royal mail standard parcels / parcel force, etc).
4 off GEMCON 10000uF 50v PCB snap-in vertical can
1 off AEROVOX 10000uF 63v vertical can
1 off pair 25000uF vertical can screw-terminal, 1 black (25vdc) & 1
grey (35vdc)
2 off 10000uF 40v high ripple screw terminal vertical can
20 off 0.1uF PCB polyester
6 off non-polarised 4.7uF (polycarbonate?)
2 off 10uF non-polarised (polycarbonate?)
20 off 22pF polystyrene
37 off 0.1uF polyester PCB on tape
150 off mixed quantities of
4 off 4700uF 63v small PCB snap-in vertical can
4 off 4700uF 63v large vertical can solder tag (used / soldered to)
100 off mixed small electrolytic and polyester capacitors, etc.
2000 off mixed 0.6W 1% metal film, 0.25W 5% carbon, 1/3W, 1/8W, 5W,
40 off mixed PCB hor/ver preset potentiometers
5 off mixed high quality panel mount potentiometers
Relays and switches
2 off 10A 240V (12vdc coil) PCB relays
2 off v.small red mushroom panel mount push buttons
2 off mixed types high-inrush panel mount mains rocker switches
1 off 50mm 0.2W 8R (used)
Front/rear panel hardware
2 off pairs (red and black) 25h*
12dia screw terminals
5 off pairs (red and black) 25h*16dia heavy duty screw terminals
1 off Schaeffer IEC "Kettle lead" panel socket with mains filter
4 off panel phono sockets
4 off right-angled PCB phono sockets
1 off gold plated panel phono socket
7 off mixed 25/9/15 way D-type plugs/sockets (some used / soldered to)
10 off pairs (red and blue) spade crimp connectors
General hardware
1 off anodised black aluminium heatsink 50H*125W*150L
4 off TO220 high power heatsinks
2 off small round transistor snap-on heatsinks
PCB hardware
10 off TO220 insulating kit
500 off PCB terminal/wire-wrap pins
1 off 150mm*100mm double-sided photo-resist PCB
1 off Veroboard 380mm*
1 off Veroboard 210mm*100mm
1 off Veroboard 146mm*
24 off 40-pin turned-pin DIL sockets
8 off 28-pin turned-pin DIL sockets
12 off 14-pin turned-pin DIL sockets
78 off 8-pin turned-pin DIL sockets
6 off 18-pin turned-pin DIL sockets
29 off 16-pin turned-pin DIL sockets
7 off 20-pin turned-pin DIL sockets
5 off 14-pin DIL sockets
8 off 8-pin DIL sockets
1 off 20-pin DIL sockets
2 off 24-pin RS "lever-type" ZIF sockets (as used in EPROM
programmers, etc.)
3 off gauges of tinned copper wire, on spools
1 off 8 way DIP switch (16-pin DIL package)
1 off 4 way DIP switch (8-pin DIL package)
8 off 74HC175N
4 off 74HC191N
1 off 74HC32N
3 off ILQ74 L9126H (Siemens)
2 off 27C64AF1 EPROM
2 off NEC D8748D
1 off 74HC14N
4 off 74HC75N
4 off 74HC4066B
1 off Z80CPUB1
2 off CA3130E
1 off 74LS00N
1 off NE5534N
1 off NE5534BP
1 off Hitachi 2732G
8 off 74HC74N
6 off 7555 timer ICs
9 off MM74HC245 (surface mount)
1 off MM74HC74B1
2 off LM339N
1 off M74HC08
1 off 74HC32B1
1 off 74HC4017B1
1 off ICL8038CCPD
4 off 74LS04
2 off 74LS02
5 off 74LS00
4 off 74LS10
2 off 74HC161
2 off SN74HC00
2 off 741CDP
1 off 74HC373
2 off 74LS259
1 off 74LS74
2 off 74LS08
1 off 74LS148
1 off 74HC126N
2 off 74LS373
3 off 74LS279
1 off 4516BPC
1 off CD4017BE
2 off 74LS86
4 off TL072CP
1 off NE555N
2 off LM311
1 off 74LS74
1 off M706B1 (ST)
1 off 74LS139
1 off 27C256JL
1 off 74HC126N
2 off 74LS138N
3 off SN7414
3 off 74LS244
1 off 4508
1 off LM79M05CT (TO220)
1 off IL074 L105H (Siemens)
1 off 74HC161
1 off 74LS373
4 off HCF4516BE
1 off 74HC393
2 off CD4050BN
1 off LF351N
1 off 74HC164N
1 off 74HC4538
1 off 74HC86N
1 off M8251A
3 off 74HC4046
1 off MC14046BCP
1 off 74HC4060DP
1 off HEF4046BP
76 off LM317H (Motorola part T8424 in metal round transistor can)
1 off 78H05K RS (5v regulator in power transistor package)
75 off 2N3904 (plastic package)
60 off mixed quantities of zener, rectifier and signal diodes
12 off mixed +ve/?ve fixed/variable voltage regulators (TO220 &
smaller packages)
3 off mixed bridge rectifiers
30 off mixed LS/HC logic ICs
112 off 5mm red LEDs 20mA (bulk buy / same type)
10 off 5mm red LEDs 20mA (mixed suppliers)
31 off 3mm red LEDs 20mA (mixed suppliers)
33 off 3mm green LEDs 20mA (mixed suppliers)
22 off 3mm yellow LEDs 20mA (mixed suppliers)
2 off 5mm yellow square LEDs (same type)
3 off 5mm green square LEDs (same type)
23 off mixed red, green & yellow black bezel 3mm panel mount LEDs
1 off 1¼" 0.63A
1 off 1¼" 0.5A
20 off mixed 20mm type
Miscellaneous / unclassified / uncounted
30 off mixed LEDs, switches, etc.
2 off ILP toroidal transformers type 43017 (neoprene washers, mounting
bolt, boxed) - from memory these have 2 110/120v primaries and 2
secondaries (30-35v, 225VA), but please check.
2 off ILP toroidal transformers type 63017 (neoprene washers, mounting
bolt, boxed) - from memory these have 2 110/120v primaries and 2
secondaries (30-35v, 300VA), but please check.
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