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Having purchased a non-working Harrison AutoCycle Milling machine, I am now looking for the necessary parts to get it working.

The parts I need are -

A contactor with 440V coil, 1 NO + 1 NC contacts. The original is a Klockner-Moeller DIL 00 - 41/59. With the following ratings - Max HP Rating -

3 Phase Single Phase 110/125 208/270 110/125 208/230 1/2 1 1/2 3/4

300V 10A

This contactor only operates other contactors so the load isn't great. I have so far been unable to locate any contactors that have a 440V coil.

Fast Traverse Motor. This is flange mounted, onto the end of the table, with the shaft connected to feed screw. I would guess that this would have some sort of gearbox between the motor and feed screw. I am guessing the motor is in the 3/8 to

1/2 HP range, as it is protected by a 1.1 Amp thermal cut out. The flange mounting bolts (4 off) are on a 100mm PCD, with a 14mm shaft and 5mm wide key way. I know that it is very unlikely that I will be able to find a genuine motor for this, and would appreciate any help with confirming the motor size, and an approximate gearbox ratio/table traverse speed (5 TPI lead screw)

2 Push Buttons. These are for the Forward/Reverse which are used for setting up. They will have to be rated at least 440V, and need to be big enough to fill the holes (33mm) in the control panel. I would guess that these would off been similar to the start/stop buttons which are rated at 600V 10A.

Pictures for all these can be found at the bottom of the following page -

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Any help would be much appreciated


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Moray Cuthill
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I think this must be American, so the coil was probably a 440 V 60 Hz coil. I have got away with using 415 V 50 Hz coils on equipment like this. How is this machine powered ?

Most contactors can be fitted with 440V coils, it's just that they are not normally listed in the U.K. but if asked nicely, people like W F Electrical can get them for you.

Regarding your motor flange; standard PCD for flanges include 100mm PCD in B5 style for M6 bolts.

drive on a Bridgeport is 0 - 200 rpm, 150 in / lb, working this out the maximum gearbox output power is 350 w, so a 1/2 to 3/4 Hp motor is about right. ( 2800 rpm into 1 : 14 worm box, or 1400 1 : 7 box. )

How are you going to control the speed ?

I found STM do a box for the 14mm shaft which has to small a flange, and a box with the right flange and a 24 mm shaft hole :-(

30.5mm is a standard cut out for industrial switches, square D do a range to fit. ( see
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part # 326-172 ).

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Jonathan Barnes

The coil should probably be 415V. However I'm still looking for a suitably sized contactor with a coil in the 400+V range. All I've found so far is a

4kW rated one at RS (729-622). I'll have to keep looking.

The speed of the motor doesn't need controlled. It's sole purpose is to quickly move the table to the start of cut, then return it to the stop position once the cut has been done. There is another motor with changeable gears for moving the table when cutting.

200 rpm sounds like a reasonable feed rate, as this would give a fast traverse of 40 inches per min. I'm guessing I may have to make a gearbox. The other thing that I thought about was would the fast traverse have some way of locking the feed screw on the table, so as to prevent the lead screw turning when the normal feed motor was running? (The fast traverse motor is mounted on the end of the lead screw, with the normal feed motor connected to the feed screw nut (the nut is actually a worm wheel)).

Those switches look as though they'll do quite nicely. I might have to make up a bush for the holes though.

Thanks Moray

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Moray Cuthill

"Moray Cuthill"

What you want is a control contactor.

Looking in my Moeller cataloge, I see AC-15, 22E, has two NO and two NC contacts, and can be fitted with a 415V coil.

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I think you can get them from WF Electrical, who are a national chain, for my local branch ( Guildford ) tel. 01483 503 533.

O.K. assume light duty, Do you need a worm box with a hollow shaft to take the 14mm shaft, or do you need a 14mm output shaftshaft. Are you screwing into blind holes on the mill ? could you put bolts through the flange from the mill side into blind holes on a motor gearbox ?

A STM motor gearbox type ACF 25 can be supplied with the right 100mm PCD flange , the 14mm shaft is a non prefered option on this unit. Maximum power with this unit is 0.25 Kw, ( 2800 rpm motor ) with 267 rpm,

8.5 Nm output, or 209 rpm, 13.4 Nm probably your best ratio choices. this unit is an in line box and motor, the front end has a projecting shaft.

Breaked motors are an option, and relese only when the break coil is powered up. Normaly you power the coil from the motor, though when used in machines you sometimes have a seperate release so the machine can be turned over by hand.

Hope this helps

-- Jonathan

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Jonathan Barnes

Moray,give Chalon Components in Haydock a ring.Tel 01942 271598,ask for Paul. I have yet to see anyone beat them on price which by the way includes next day delivery.440 volt coil is very common and you will need an auxillary contact block for your NO & NC contacts. Regards,Mark.

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Mark McGrath

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