This is slightly OT, but I'm sure someone may be able to offer some
information. I have just acquired a Whitworth tap and die set, that is a
tap & die set manufactured by J.Whitworth & Co Manchester. I have been able
to find out a little about Joseph Whitworth from the internet, but
surprisingly little considering what an important engineer he was. One
thing I did find is that after his death, in 1887, his factories were sold
to Armstrong, and became known as Armstrong Whitworth. Does this mean that
the set I have dates from before the time Armstrong bought the factories, or
would they have continued to use the J.Whitworth brand after that time.
PS For those interested the die is quite unusual. It is made up of 3 die
sections (like Coventry die head dies) which are held in a sort of three jaw
chuck arrangement which can be tightened by a screw on the side of the die
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Not OT at all as Whitworth was one of the founders of the Industrial revolution. If you can find a copy look for a book called Sir Joseph Whitworth: "The World's Best Mechanician" by Norman Atkinson , ISBN: 0750912111
This give a fantastic insight into his work, what was and most important, what could have been. Unfortunately he was another one pissed on by the governments of the day in favour of more influential friends. Add him to the list of Whittle and Watson Watt.
As to your question I feel sure that both names ran side by side as I have some late Whitworth spanners [ marked made by Jos Whitworth ] that post date 1887. -- Regards,
John Stevenson Nottingham, England.
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