Wanted 7/16in Whitworth Bolts, Set screws and Nuts


I am looking 7/16in Whitworth Bolts, Set screw and Nuts for a milling machine I am rebuilding (many of you advised me on how to move it!). I could also do with a tap and die set in the same size. If any of you have any that you wish to sell on please let me know. Alternatively the name of a company that I could buy a few from online would be much appreciated.

Regards, Stuart

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Stuart Pearson
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Stuart, You should be able to get 7/16 whit from your local "nuts an bolts" dealer or try doing a search for them on Google. As to taps and dies I came across a firm that seems to deal in a lot of old whit and BSF spanners etc. the other day, I haven't dealt with them yet but intend to get some decent BSF spanners sometime soon. They are

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Thanks for that, I mite well give them a try. I think I have found a supplier for the nuts and bolts but they are not cheap.


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Stuart Pearson

I go to GFM who advertise in the magazines for nuts and bolts in BSW sizes. Tracy Tools for taps and dies.


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