Bamford EV1

Could I ask a favour of a Bamford EV1 owner- if you have a digital
camera would it be possible to get some photos of the governor
mechanism from the
gov.sleeve on the crankshaft to the throttle arm under the carb?
I have nearly finished putting my EV1 back together but am having a
few problems with the governor mechanism and its setup.
I live in Melbourne, Australia and no one around me has one of these
engines so I can look at it and compare.
My main problem is that the ends of the governor weights come out of
the governor sleeve and hit the cranked governor arm when turning over
by hand which does not seem right! I have a spare set of these weights
and they are the same length.Also the governor sleeve only seems to
move outward approx 5mm to move the throttle plate from wide open to
closed ( my governor sleeve is spring loaded from the flywheel hub to
push it hard up against the main bearing).
My engine is a petrol/kero ie. has an exhaust heated manifold which
the solex carb bolts to and a bent throttle arm to go around the
The cranked governor arm has an adjustable pivot but the manual makes
no mention of this adjustment or its purpose
Any help would be appreciated.
Rod Sutter
Melbourne Australia
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Rod Sutter
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EV3 photos sent to Rod.
Arthur G
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Arthur Griffin & Jeni Stanton
Hi are you still after the pictures ,i am looking for a manual . cheers Rudy
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