Bamford 6 HP

I was telephoning an engine collector on another matter & when I mentioned this newsgroup he asked if anyone had a Bamford 6 HP block for sale? He is located in Cheshire.

-- Dave Croft Warrington England

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Dave Croft
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Dave, I assume you mean a horizontal model.

I'd say it's about as likely he'll find a good cylinder/hopper casting as finding a ten year old slush puppy in hell! I saw one with a jiggered bore at the club stand in Astle either last year or the previous one. I expect this is it.

I don't know how practical it would be to bore out and resleeve a "headless" such as this, but I suspect it would be prohibitively expensive. :-(

Regards, Arthur G

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Arthur G

Perfectly practicable if you can find someone not frightened of smashing their borer (as many seem to be). Including finding and machining the liner casting its likely to be 250-350. regards Roland

"headless" such as this, but I suspect it would be

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Roland Craven

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