Bamford EV1 restoration

Many thanks to all who have helped with advice etc.
Thought it was about time I put the pictures of my restoration on view.
Only recently finished but quite happy with the end result, runs lovely
and doesn't miss a beat!
Have managed to aquire several other engines now ( was told this would
happen by numerous people!)
Next on the list is my Ruston Hornsby 6PS, bit of a challenge, not all
complete, and just purchased EG1 for restoration, again few bits
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Very nice too Bruce.
I think engines are gregarious, they like company & nag us to get more.
Pics of the Ruston would be nice .......
Kim Siddorn - who, upon the 14th of October, has an engagement on a ridge in Sussex. There, sword in hand, he will do his best to turn away the Norman invader but will inevitably die with his king.
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Kim Siddorn
Nothing to do with being gregarious, they just breed :-)) That's what my wife is led to believe anyway.
Martin P
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Nice job on the Bamford, but you really are on the slippery slope now ;-)
Philip T-E
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Its a never ending slippery slope.
At the start of the year I told myself that I wouldnt buy anymore engines until id had a clear out. Since then I have got rid of none, yet bought another 5.
Mike M
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Hi Bruce, Nice Restoration! I like to see an engine on a decent, well thought out trolley - is it a genuine Bamford item? If not it suits the engine well.
Regards Dan
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Dan Howden
I can't get any more at the moment because of the lack of room, fortunatly the above five have been outscourced for storage. When the lads leave home (hint, hint) I'll have plenty of room, provided they take their engines with them.
Andy M
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Nice job Bruce, one sniff of them exhaust fumess from your first restoration and thats it, your hooked. I would love to have the space to keep all my restorations but sadly only the chosen few remain. Good luck with the next one ;-)
Cheers, MartinH
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Martin Hirst

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