Thanks to all who helped (vinyl figure)

Especially to Pat Flannery, who suggested that I use my Dremel. That was what it took to finish this after 3 or 4 years of starts & stops. Pictures posted on A.B.M.S.

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the Legend of LAX
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What can I say? The master at work. :-P To me that sounded a lot better than "Let's take a Bernz-O-Matic torch to it, shall we?" Which sounds like something Vader would do to C-3PO. I'm of course the guy who dropped a running Dremel tool with a carbide cutter head on it into my lap, cutting the belt on my robe in half*, and held onto the inside of the hull of the model of the Titanic while I drilled the portholes out from the exterior...and drilled a tiny hole clean through my left index finger.

  • When I realized what that thing could have done, it scared the piss out of me. :-D


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Pat Flannery

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