Bamford EG1 Restoration

Eventually managed to find the time to start the restoration of my
rusty old Bamford EG1.
As I was stripping off many years of "crud" and old flaky paint I
noticed that the casting had been filled with some sort of filler,
dark in colour.
This presumably was done during manufacture of engine castings.
There is now quite a large step in the casting where the filler has
fallen out, and now shows quite a large casting defect.
Before I just cover it in P38! I was wondering if there is a correct
material to fill the holes with, or would P38 filler work OK?
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Clean, clean clean that surface - chisel out any bits that are insecure, then build up layers of really good quality body filler. The better stuff will not object to getting hot & clod but cheap stuff may crack & drop off.
If you are an authenticity nut, set to with cellulose filler. ;o))
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Calcium Plumbate primer would have been far more likely though now unobtainable
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Roland Craven
try here they claim to stock Calcium Plumbate primer
The Paint Centre 27 Southcote Road Bournemouth BH1 3SH, UK.
Email: Phone: 0845 230 1244
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Many thanks for the replies. Didn't want to ruin the paint work by having bits of filler falling out first time it got hot!!!
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Try the metal loaded type. Sticks like sh1t to a blanket if the substrate is clean. Bl**dy hard to rub down though.
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