Boulton & Paul 2E2 Engine.

Had ride up to the Scottish border to have a look at an engine I had
heard about some time ago.
The engine was in a workshop which had fallen into dis-use through ill
The engine had been bought 20+ years ago with a generator, but
without a baseplate. Three years after buying the set from a local
farmer, the current owner spots the baseplate being used on one of the
same farmer's tractors as a counter balance and buys it from him. The
set never got fitted to the baseplate, and the plate was leaning up
against a table full of parts.
There was next to no light in the workshop where the engine stood,
the camera screen was black before taking a photo. I only saw the
engine colour when the flash went off.
Parts and equipment everywhere, quite difficult to move about in
The propane cylinder was holding back assorted castings which were on
top larger castings to block a hole where thieves had broken in, and
so could not be moved. The generator was "somewhere" in the workshop
but was well concealed by other equipment in case the thieves
returned. As you may see, pidgeons were helping to cover everything
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Dave Carter.
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