Pigmented Urathane Resin casting Problem

Having thought I was succeeding with the pigmented casting I now have a
The item I am trying to replicate is a toy battery cover. This is quite
thin and black and not only do the casting sometimes seem to be not
quite an overall colour there are sometimes small pinprick sized
bubbles of uncured resin appearing after the casting has cured.
I made a two piece mould but wonder if it is not rigid enough - any
Are there any members out there in the UK who can assist me
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Rigidity of the mold will not cause the resin not to cure. sound like the pigment that you are using is either old or you are not mixing it correctly. Try using a drill motor and a mixer this will shear the pigment into the resin allowing a more complete mix. How old is your resin. Resin is hydroscopic and allows moisture in the air to cominto the mixture. One this that can prevent this is to degass your resing before mixing the A and B. Do not degass after mixing all you will do is get a cured mass of bubbles. Also make sure that the pigment that you are using is compatible with you resin. What I have mentioned is only a few possible solutions there are many more that can cause uncured resin like you decribed Hope this helps cheers John Geigle
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