Free Access Newsgroup server for rec.models.scale and others

As a service to the programming community, we have been running a free public access Usenet news server for the last 6 years without a single day down time. Giganews has recently, generously, offered to take this provision over as a free service.

As a result of this, we now have a working news server without any purpose. We started our model shop some 9 months ago here in Ipswich, Suffolk, UK and have been long term users of rec.models.scale and some aircraft related news groups. We have decided to re-configure the server to provide a service for the modelling community.

As from now, there is a news server at which is providing a full feed of the following news groups.

rec.models.scale alt.binaries.models.scale

Currently we have no plans to expire messages on rec.models.scale and we will be keeping at least 2 months worth of data for the other two news groups - which generate some 300mb per day in data!

To use this service, just point your news reader at and you should be up and running. If you have any problems please contact me - and I will do what I can to help. David SBX Model Shop

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