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My ISP has for a long time let its news service degrade. I have been using a third party news server (news.individual.news). The later has gone to a subscription based service. The rate is not unreasonable, but their methods of payment are. It is in Europe, and basically uses European payment options. So I do not intend to subscribe. So I will lose service Friday.

Can anyone else recommend another third party Usenet server other than web-based Google groups (old Dejanews)?

One of main problems with my own ISP is that uploaded posts frequently (more than half the time) get lost. If you don't see me posting after Friday, you'll know I still haven't found decent newsgroup access.

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Don Stauffer in Minneapolis
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Good luck! And if you find something worthwhile (other than Google) let me know. I'm looking for something that will enable me to download pictures from the Aviation and Modeling binary groups. Damn that AoL (PoS)!

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Old Timer

yep aol sucks big time thats why i turned them down after a two month trial period

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Teranews.com. You can set up an account on free.teranews.com for a one-time payment of $3.95 and you get 50 mB/day. All binary groups, as far as I can tell, are carried.

I have no connection with teranews.com except for having an account with them.

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Larry D. Farrell

I'm going through Easynews. They cost $9.95 a month. You can access newsgroups via a newsreader or with web browser (or both).


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Take a look at "Newsguy.com" - - - -

I don't know what their current rates are but it is a very dependable service.

Rick Fluke Montana

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If you don't have a problem with firstgate at all, it seems that this service can be used worldwide...

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Further more individual now offers a payment with a normal bank account. Check:

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-------------------------------------- We are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer an additional payment option:

Bank transfer to bank account of Freie Universitaet Berlin

Within Germany (for holders of German bank accounts), bank transfer to our bank account is done as usual with bank account number and BLZ (Bankleitzahl, bank number).

For holders of non-German bank accounts, IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and BIC (Bank Identifier Code, SWIFT address) are available.

But please note that our bank account is configured to reject payments that are subject to bank charges on our site (this can particularly happen when transfering funds from foreign bank accounts). Please contact your financial institution before sending us money and ask them if and what charges apply (the charges can be huge depending on where you reside). And please make sure only to send us money by bank transfer if you pay for all charges.


An other way is to use news.arcor.de

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You have to create a Mail Account with PIA. Account is for free. With the same username and password you can use the news server. Unfortunately registration in german language

Hth Ralf

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Ralf Hetzer

also bubbanews, teranews.

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i use giga news i.e. -->

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$25.00US a month for unlimited downloads +additional accounts. uploads are unlimited at any price rate!

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Thanks, I'll look into them this week.

-- John

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Old Timer

I second ternews.com

The free service for a once off fee of $3.95 is great


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Does that mean they accept Visa payments?


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Syke wrote: [SNIP]

NFI as I don't have a VISA card.

Hang on. I'll go look... Yes, Firstgate accepts VISA, Euro/MasterCard, AMEX and Diners Club.

Cheers, Gary B-)

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Gary R. Schmidt

easynews.com best retention. as mention $10 for 10 gigs. the gigs role over. for text newsgroups you can use and free reader such as thunderbird. for binaires you can useseveral shareware orpurchased programs.

the thing about easynews you can use any browser for the binaires.

oh and the retension is about 40 days.

BCNU jack

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Ten a month is too much for this retired guy, when in addition to what I already pay my ISP.

I tried to sign up for teranews, which several folks suggested. It is supposed to have a one time $3.95 registration fee. I gave them my card number, and they said they'd email instructions. Never got the instructions, and get no reply to emails to them now. Guess I got scammed.

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Don Stauffer

Since I was one of those who suggested teranews, I will note that they do not respond quickly to e-mails, often taking 3-4 days to respond to messages I have sent. I don't remember how long it took for my free.teranews.com account to be set up since it was so long ago, but I would suggest that you simply contact them again and be patient.

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Larry Farrell

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