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Just wanted to share with the group that the follow-up to our "Little Joe" DVD is now shipping. ""F-107A: The Ultimate Sabre" features over on hour of coverage of this late-50's Air Force project, including the following:

  • A vintage documentary highlighting F-107A static and flight testing

  • A special "Modeler's Notes" audio track featuring Phil "Bondo" Brandt

  • Extensive coverage of flight testing

  • F-107A weapons testing at Edwards AFB

  • A selection of F-107A still photos, accessible via DVD slide show or DVD-ROM drive

Many of us have admired the F-107A's on display at Pima and Wright-Pat, so you know it's way cool, and almost an X-plane (if you squint a bit). Anyway, check it out at:

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Pick up a copy of the "Little Joe" DVD at the same time and you'll save a few bucks on postage!

Thanks much, James ________________________

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