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Thought you might be interested to know that we've begun shipments of our FJ Fury DVD, the latest in our "FlightLine" series of aviation history DVDs. The "Fury" DVD contains the following goodies:

  • U.S. Navy FJ-2 procedues training films

  • An alternate "Modeler's Notes" audio track

  • FJ-2 carrier operations on the USS Hancock

  • FJ-3 carrier operations at Barber's Point, Hawaii

  • FJ-4 weapons testing at Point Mugu

  • An FJ-4 aircraft recognition briefing film

  • A selection of FJ Fury still photos, accessible via DVD slide show or DVD-ROM drive

  • A vintage film highlighting the development and construction of North American Aviation's 50's era 16" wind tunnel

There's almost 90 minutes of material on the DVD, and it's inexpensive at $14.95. Check it out at:

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While you're there, take a look at our earlier releases covering the F-107A, the A3J/RA-5C Vigilante, and NASA's Little Joe program.

Thanks, James _________________________ James Duffy

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