ME-163 DVD now shipping...

Greetings, all!

The latest DVD release from, "ME-163: Wings of Fire," is now shipping! This DVD package has been in production over a year, and contains to following:

=B7 an original short film on the ME-163, the only rocket-powered interceptor ever to see combat

=B7 flight testing and development footage of the early ME-163A, the operational ME-163B, and the Walter rocket engine, complete with special audio commentary tracks

=B7 a vintage US Army Air Corps briefing film on the ME-163, complete with original audio

=B7 World War II gun camera films, including shots of the ME-163B in combat

=B7 Fascinating footage of the work of early German rocket scientists Reinhold Tiling, Fritz von Opel, Fredrich Sander, and Max Valier

=B7 A special "Modeler's Notes" audio track, and more...

Please check it out on our website at:

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Thanks, James ____________________ James Duffy
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