Just wanted to say thanks....

I just wanted to say thank you to Cliff and Gunner for turning a.m.c. in to the political cesspool it has become. Great job! You guys should pat yourselves on the back for a job well done.

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Steve Mackay
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Seventh, why the hell don't people learn to use a proper newsreader that allows scoring? If you're gonna whine about seeing posts to rec.boats and alt.kooks, why not learn to remove them instead? Stop perpetuating it by replying without removing those groups from the Newsgroups: line.

Some scoring examples: (-9999=KILL 9999=highlight)

% generated by Xnews on Sat 03 Apr 2004 07:21:27p Score:: -9999 XRef: kooks|flonk

Score:: -9999 From: banquer

% Kill anon posters Score:: -9999 Message-ID: @anonymous Message-ID: @dizum Message-ID: @firenze Message-ID: @gilgamesh Message-ID: @paranoici Message-ID: @remailer Message-ID: @tatoo Message-ID: @liberty Message-ID: @mail/.cypher Message-ID: @mixmaster From: ^anon From: remailer From: \alias From: crypto

Score:: 9999 Subject: sittingduck|mastercam

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5.5 Someone posted articles that do not adhere to your rules. What do I do?

That depends on the type of offense:

  • Violation of a newsgroup's charter Please inform the author about the usual conventions via e-mail first - especially if there are particular features in addition or contrary to the usual rules in de.*. If this does not work, simply add that author to the kill file / the filter of your news reader.
  • Problems with the content of postings Please clarify your differences with the author directly or use the kill file / filter of your news reader. In serious cases you can consider legal procedures, of course.
  • Substantial abuse (SPAM, rogue cancel) Please turn to snipped-for-privacy@individual.net in such cases, attaching at least one complete article header if possible.

What should an abuse report look like so that it can be dealt with most efficiently?

  • Choose or adjust the subject of your mail with care Put something like "Complaint" or "SPAM:" at the _beginning_ of your subject line if you keep the original subject of the posting. Otherwise we might mistake your mail for SPAM and delete it unread.
  • Mail your abuse report to " snipped-for-privacy@individual.net" Do NOT mail it to "postmaster" or "webmaster". These services (mail and www) are taken care of by other people so that your abuse report will need to be forwarded to us.
  • Tell us the reason for your complaint It may be obvious for you, but sometimes it is hard for us to quickly identify the reason for your complaint if you only send us the article in question. It helps us a lot if you state briefly what you are complaining about.
  • Include the Message-ID To be able to react quickly we need the Message-ID or (even better) the entire header of the posting in question. You normally do not need to quote the body of the article.
  • One mail is enough We take care of every abuse report. This usually happens within 24 hours, but may take a bit longer in some cases. If you send us several mails about the same "case", you will not speed things up but just give us more work.
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You are socially retarded.

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