Bamford EV1/EG1 Valve Timing

I have sent this request for info to several engine sites in the UK as well.

Is there an expert that knows about BAMFORD EV1 and EG1 vertical engines?

I have one of each of these engines and I have restored the EV1 and are at the re-assembly stage.

I am trying to find out what you line the "drill" mark on the cam gear up with to get correct valve timing.

On both my engines there is no corresponding mark on the crankshaft gear - the instruction book makes no mention of this cam gear mark yet both my cam gears have the drill mark in the same position so it must be there for a reason ! The book does show the valve timing diagram but I am trying to avoid installing the gear/taking it out over and over (ie.experimenting) as I have just finished painting everything.

I am sure the cam gear is marked for a reason so it must line up with something or be installed with the piston on TDC or BDC etc.

Any help/advice would be appreciated.


Rod Sutter Melbourne, Australia

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I know nothing of Bamfords, but in general engineering terms, the keyway that positions the half time pinion is - in my experience - not randomly cut, but positioned in relation to TDC or BDC. I take it the cam pinion is twice the diameter of the half time pinion and drives it directly and not through an idler wheel? Try the punch mark in line with the keyway at TDC. If the camshaft is in the middle of the cam base circle, you are now at TDC on the compression stroke. Rotate the engine carefully 360o and if the engine is at the top of the exhaust stroke with the exhaust valve closing, it is probably correct.

It is (IMHO) unlikely that Mr Bamford will have made it complicated, but there is always the possibility that the mark on the gear is intended for quite another purpose, known only to the designers!

Are there marks on the flywheel for ignition timing?


Kim Siddorn.

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Kim Siddorn

I just checked a couple of EV/EG crank gears. Also no marks. I'd go for the crank-gear keyway. hth Roland

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Roland and Celia Craven

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