Bamford Bearings (passed on from ATIS)

The message below is on the ATIS list. I post it here as I think we
have more English know-how on this group.
I will pass on any replies saying where they came from.
I have a Bamford EV1 /EG1 1.5 hp.
On both engines the big end has split white metal shell inserts with shim
The difference between these big ends and all the other ones I have seen and
done is that the shims sit OUTSIDE the shells ie. the shells butt up against
each other and the shims are behind the shell and located by the big end
bolts. The Bamford parts manual clearly shows this setup as well.
If you want to adjust the clearance and remove say 2 shims it does not
really make any difference as the shells are already butted hard against
each other. Do you have to "rub' the surface of each shell down the required
amount on fine emery/flat surface to match the thickness of shims removed ?
If so isn't this method inaccurate and basically not very good- if you rub
the shell down too much it could then move slightly in the big end - or it
might not be square etc. etc.
Am I missing something ? Engines I have dealt with have the shims between
the shells - you add or remove the required amount of shims - do the big end
up and everything is locked together and cannot move - end of story.
Also does anyone know of a source for a 10 thou undersize set of bamford big
end shells ie. 1.490 inch?
Looking forward to hearing from (Bamford) experts.
Rod Sutter
Melbourne Australia
Dave Croft
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