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I am after some help, a nice old gentleman (not me!!) is selling a Bamford

> but we no idea of what type or size it is, or indeed what it could be worth, > I have attached a photo of the engine and have more if anyone wants. He is > also selling a perrol Petter A1 and aCoborn (which looks the same as the > Petter), its a size C3 and is a petrol/paraffin model. Are these common? and > again what kind of value. > Thanks in anticipation > > Tony

Hi Tony,

Bamford OV Produced from1929 untill 1936

3,4,and 5 hp models produced.

Coborn C3

1943-1953/4 3.8hp 2000rpm Weight148lb Produced over the period of 31 years 25000 engines.

Thats all the info I have (all lifted shamelessly from 'The A-Z of British Stationary Engines') I'm sure one or more of the more knowledgable posters will be able to help you further.


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