Gear hobber from M.E.

If you search for on for "ces gear hobber" (without the quotes) there is some useful info. Also might be worth joining the yahoo group "gearcutting" at .


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Yesterday, I stumbled across this nice litte machine:

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is a casting kit for a gear hobber out of M.E.

Well, I'm a bit "handicaped", because I have just a single copy of M.E. (and not the right one) Has anybody some information about what kind of gears this machine can make? Sizes (diameter from/to)? Kind of gears (plain, conical, spur(?)) Any experiences about accuracy, quality, usability, flexibility, ...?

I bet that it could be changed to produce metric gears and also to use different gears than the ones from a Myford (that I have neither).

It is not that I need it desperatly right now. But it looks like I would want to need it. :-)

Thanks, Nick

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Nick Müller

Construction of this kit, plus other matters related was discussed in MEW round about July 99.

There is no imperial/metric c> Hi!

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Orator For Decency

or alternatively join

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you'll find a wealth of articles in the files section.

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Moray Cuthill

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