Ground flat stock for ways?

I have some 8 mm thick x 80 mm wide ground flat stock which I am thinking
about using for ways, initially for the ways of the Z-axis of a mill, and
perhaps for a small lathe later.
I'll attach it something a bit more rigid, possibly a 80 mm x 80 mm or 80 mm
x 40 mm box section, although I have some 70 mm x 30 mm cast iron that would
also be suitable.
The question I have is what would be a good sliding bearing surface partner
for ground flat stock? The flat stock is presumably flat, but the surface is
not smooth on the small scale, and it might act a bit like a file. I can
smooth and polish the surface, but is that necessary? Any suggestions?
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Peter Fairbrother
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As long as the pressure is evenly distributed across the bearing surface it will wear evenly - so no need to polish apart from to reduce sliding friction. Slight surface roughness will help retain oil - but abrasive bits, too.
The general rule for load-bearing surfaces is to avoid using the same material for both faces; one should be harder than the other. Cast iron on steel is a good combination, soft steel on hard steel fine too.
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Guy Griffin
Ground flat stock is usually supplied in a soft condition, which would not be good for your application if you need wear resistance. It's made from 01 tool steel so can be hardened to whatever you want, but of course it would need grinding again after as it probably wouldn't be flat any more.
Regards Kevin
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Kevin Steele
Thanks. I thought there would be a catch somewhere.
I might still use it as-is anyway, it's pretty hard for something in "soft" condition!
BTW, it seems a bit silly to grind it flat then have to grind it flat again after heat treatnment - any idea why they do it that way?
BTW2, is "gauge plate" the same as flat stock?
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Peter Fairbrother
The Dore Westbury mill was built up from just ordinary cold rolled flat strip screwed together with a fit of fettling and polishing and there are still many of these running today.
It warps after heat treat.
Same animal, different terms.
-- Regards,
John Stevenson Nottingham, England.
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John Stevenson
Hi Guy,
Apologies for hijacking the thread. I have a machine vice to refurbish and the original gib strip has been lost. I'm assuming the body is cast steel. What material should I use for the gib strip? How about gauge plate?
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Bob Minchin
Too many gottles of geer John?
Regards, Tony
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Tony Jeffree

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