Does anyone have any specific insurance for model engineering equipment, materials and models under construction whilst in the shed, garage or whatever, over and above normal household insurance. Whilst unlikely that anyone is going to steal a lathe, they could I suppose make off with a couple of chucks, and a tray of tooling, which after a few years of building up, could amount to a tidy sum.

Limits for equipment kept outside the house seem to vary from £500 to £2000, replacement as new. Even if a lathe was bought secondhand, a realistic replacement as new price would be well over this.

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Lat time we checked on this with our own broker, we were advised that we are covered for items outside the house proper but within the grounds of the house, with an excess of £50 for each claim and a maximum value of £500.

While not covering you for the occasional pilferage it would hopefully cover the major items.

The figures and sums insured are different for what they call '"Major Items" such as large mowers (we have a ride-on mower stored at the back for example) and these would need to be specified on the insurance, especially where the value was over the policy limit.

In the case of our large Ruston & Hornsby diesel, it is over 3/4 of a ton so is not exactly portable, but could induce a fair sized claim if vandalised.

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