Myford Super 7 question.

This might be an obvious question...
The other day whilst removing junk from the workshop, I opened the lhs
gear cover on the Imperial Myford S7. There was a small plaque with
'Gear combinations for metric threads'
It seemed to imply that by changing one of the drive gears in the train
the gear selectors on the gearbox would get metric threads. I seem to
vaguely remember a 'metric gear cluster option' being talked about in a
Myford catalogue some time back. Is this a 'standard' gear/set of gears
that can be changed?
I'd appreciate any advice.
Many thanks
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Martin Akehurst
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The Super seven with gearbox requires a different quadrant to cut metric pitches. The quadrant is slotted to allow different gear set ups. The table in the cover requires this quadrant, (and of course the gears). The standard lathe has a quadrant with fixed centre studs for the gear wheels and will not cut the metric pitches indicated in the cover.
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Alan Marshall

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