Myford Super 7 Questions.

I broke afew teeth 30T tumbler gear on my Myford Super 7 and have ordered a new set .Im just waiting for the post to get them .

My question is why are the two tumblers different ? one 30T and the other 28T the 28 T on my lathe was for reverse. I changed the 28T gear to the other spindle so I can use the lathe if I really need to am not sure if the will the 28T gear will affect the pitches of any threads I cut .It is fitted witha screwcutting gearbox .

Probably a basic question that I should know the answer to and the manual says nothing about the two gears,not as far as I could find .

Thanks in advance .

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It's so you can have the three (including the one on the stub shaft that the tumbler lever pivots about) meshing with each other but not clashing. Because all of the gears are idlers, the number of teeth itself, has no effect on the overall ratio.

It's a clever type of mechanism.

Regards Mark Rand RTFM

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Mark Rand


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