Myford Super 7 lathe

Hi, has anyone taken the screwcutting gearbox off a Myford super 7 and
can offer any suggestions. I'm trying to strip the lathe down to get
the bed and saddle reground so don't want to disassemble the gearbox if
I don't need to.
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Whats the problem ? easy to take off easy to put back just reverse the procedure, can't understand your problem had mine off several times.
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Thanks -I've taken out the two retaining bolts under the cover but there still seems to be an attachment somewhere down in the box itself.
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There are three screws, two at the top under the cover and a third which you reach by removing a plug in the front left hand side of the gearbox below the slot. The screw should be accessable then.
If you look here you will find the manual for the gearbox and for the lathe:
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Thanks, Keith - that's cracked it. Came off with no problem!
Best regards,
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