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Long time reader here with some valid on topic lathe questions.....:')

Went over to a friends place this afternoon to see his new lathe, I posted a photo in the drop box under Northernlathe. It was a free for the taking to him, wish it were mine, but I'mhelping him getting it running. The tag says Northern Machinery Co Minneapolis Mn . It's about a 2' x 18' with a taper, four jaw ect. fair amout of tooling. It was functional when last used, but has set outdoors for a few years. This is a relatively dry climate and most things are moveable but there is some rust. It has change grears but not assembled

Anyone have any knowledge of this machine or the company. I believe it was used in a local foundry that made mining equipment at one time. Probabally at the turn of the last century.

Where should we start with this? Full tear down or just get it together and see how it runs? Best way to clean up the rust ect. He's pretty excited, oh yea did I mention there's 16 SB to haul off also, Some guys just know how to live.

A shed is in order with a crane system .. I think I can see a new cannon/mortor in the future.

I will be posting with things as they follow and can use any help in figuring how to get this running.



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You don't have enough info in your pic and text for anyone to say much in response.

The steady looks flimsy for working solid steel on that size lathe.

My guess is that Nothern MCo. is a supplier, not a builder.

Frank Morrison

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I've added more photos, I was hoping perhaps this unit would be recognizable to someone. The drive is a Cullman, the castiron bases are similar to SouthBends. There are two lead screws one for the crossfeed, the clutch is a screw type like on a 9" SB. There is a built in thread dial and a lever for the half nuts. The steady is from a different unit I believe as the tailstock ways are of a vee and the steady mates to a flat and a vee, but it is of correct height and is seems solid enough to me. There are two knobs that slide in and out on the apron--selectors for the cross feed??

I have a10" SB so this is on a different level to me, tho I have had the pleasure to do some turning years back on a Monarch of this size. The tooling will be started electrolytic cleaning. but derusting the rest will be a chore. Any easy way to do this??

He loaded it with a trackhoe. the scale on the hoe gave a weight of around 5500 lbs. I would have guessed a lot more. But how accurate is the boom scale on a trackhoe?

The motor seems small for this unit but the drive might be a add on to a lineshaft . There is a 5hp single phase that will fit, but that can always be changed., The belt is old and cracked,,any suggestions for a replacement? Go to

3ph with a vfd?

I think it's great to have saved this one from the scrap pile, I told him I'd take if he didn't want it.

Someone posted a link to a bowling ball mortar a while back..... now if I could just find some BIG chromemoly bar stock....

We don't expect any real degree of accuracy , just a good ol hogging beast.

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