It's all over

Now it's all over and done with, Christmas and all that xxxx I mean, The turkey's been eaten, the puddings all gone, only the nuts remain to be seen.

The kids have had all their prezzies, the paper's all over the place, batteries and games, poppers and streamers, only the beer's been sunk without trace.

The missus is happy, for the moment, well, she can sit back and recap, dad can clear up the food left over, only the men can manage the scrap.

The mind wonders doing this chore, what if no star had ever appeared, Three kings and presents never invented, Only the man, and his scythe and long beard.

Back to reality, it's all a dream, the chores are done and grandma is saying how presents were smaller and leaner Only an apple and orange, perhaps a plaything.

The jumpers and shirts are all very sensible, but who can appreciate these my dear? lathe tools, cutters, machinery handbook? Only the model engineer.

Happy new year to all ....

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Alan Marshall
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