Toy Trains?

I often read the expression, "Toy Trains", in magazines, advertising
and on web sites. How are we model railroaders, hobbyists, scratch
builders, and true rail fans, etc, ever to be distinguished from toy
trains people?
No wonder people think we still play with toy trains! I'm sure there'a
a field for toy trains; I simply want it separated from railroad
I'm insulted!
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I think you need to learn to live with it. It is like my upset with "O scale" no longer meaning just real two-rail O scale and now also meaning what was "Hi-Rail". And is there really a difference (besides the price of their toys) between a kid putting his ready-to-run Lionel train on a plywood board layout assembled by his did, and a baby boomer putting his assembled-in-China HO scale plastic locos and cars, or custom painted brass locos and cars, on a layout assembled for him/her by a layout custom builder and sceniced with pre-assembled structures?? Unfortunately, the dwindling number of us do-it-ourselves modelers need these toy train operators to make a large enough market for the manufacturers to produce the wide array of products we now enjoy. Gary Q
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Mike, Face the facts, we do play with toy trains. We just take them more seriously than many others and pay much higher prices for that seriousness. Sit back and enjoy Christmas and quit being insulted. Those saying 'toy trains' generally don't mean it as an insult.
Scott inBalto
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Why? At the end of the day, we're still playing with toys.
And there's nothing wrong with that. You can never have too many toys.
Mike Tennent "IronPenguin" MRR Electronics Special Effects Lighting
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Mike Tennent
I am with Scott
The greatest artists and designers the world over lament the loss of adults ability to "play" - I have only just returned to my lifelong passion for (British) Model Railways ....... they started out for most of us at the point we were given our first toy train set I imagine.....and that'll do me!
Toy trains -model railways - model railROADS - whatever - life's too short to worry about what it's called ..... when I see a Stephenson's Rocket or a Flying Scotsman, my heart fairly leaps up and I remember the thousands of hours of hair curling fun I and my mates shared playin' trains ...... and the skills those happy hours taught me have stood by me for many years
Attention to detail spatial analysis knowledge of electricity (and respect for it) model making understanding of scale scratch building plastering and painting sculpting construction principles (asp. when the bridge wouldn't support the loco!) friendship using my hands to make something lasting how to sneak downstairs to keep playing trains scale acceleration scheduling planning and the influence thoughtful presents can have on freeing the spirit and imagination of a child
and so it goes ........
Peace all ..... and keep playing trains!!!!!!!
Steve - Melbourne, Australia
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