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J&L have chucks and part-finished backplates for sale, including in the
latter category L-zero which fit the colchie student.
The backplates are by toolmex, and from the picture it has the L-zero
fitting, 6 counterbored holes and 3 threaded holes. I imagine the 6 holes
correspond to the mounting holes for the toolmex chucks of the corresponding
Are the toolmex chucks any good? Is it worth the extra hundred or so quid
for the high-precsion model?
They don't quote typical precision values for either of 'em. mind, the
comment about backplates may be a red herring, as it says "other mounts
available", so it might be that they make a specific L-0 one, it's quite a
common fitting, although I suspect a bit out of date.
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Austin Shackles
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"Austin Shackles" wrote in message news:
I have had a Toolmex chuck on my Colchester Master 2500 for the last 5 years and it has done all I wanted. Remarkabky accurate for a three jaw, and nicely made
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Andrew Mawson
When I had a Student, I bought a Toolmex/Bison L0 3-jaw from G&M, they had a small stock at the time, it was a decent chuck and a *huge* improvement on the two knackered 3-jaws which came with the lathe, even after I'd reground the jaws on them.
I've got a 12" standard precision & a 10" 'super-precision' or whatever they call them. Don't ask why.
The 10" is certainly better in runout, consistency etc., it's also heavier construction & the 10" weighs almost as much as the 12" 'standard'. The standard chuck is pretty good, though, & it's the one I regularly use.
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Tim Leech

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