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Found this site today whilst searching for a local tool supplier:
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have some very handy stuff that's normally difficult to find ;-)
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Martin Whybrow
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Brilliant!, I could have done with that reversable drill, the one that fills holes in, when I put an ejector pin hole through a water chanel this afternoon (Peter knows what I mean).
Regards Kevin
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What no tuits, round or otherwise?
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Martin informed ...................
Definitely site of the week. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, particularly late on a Friday.
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Mike Whittome
Steve R.
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Steve R.
Nice one Martin, certainly made me smile:)
Kevin - ouch! I've seen that happen once or twice before and it's always one of those "oh s**t" moments. Hopefully you've got a bit of room to re-route the cooling, or is it going to be a plug, weld-up, and recut etc.
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Peter Neill
OT I know but I had to tell, I was fitting a robot onto the fixed half of an Injection moulding machine and had asked the customer if the platen was water cooled as this particular model had it as an option, his answer was no so I drilled a pilot no problem but then I followed it with a M16 tapping drill and found myself with a vertical shower which is not fun when you are using a mag base electric drill. All the customer said was Oh I didn't know that.
Martin P
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Unfortunately I couldn't find a listing for the ubiquitous "putting- on" tool.
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