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Please if your going to post on this site and either want information or are
in the market to sell something or buy something such as key blanks etc.
Please leave your proper E-Mail address or a legal phone no. that you can be
reached at. I just left e-mail for two different people yesterday and both
came back as undeliverable. So why even post. I would love to help people
with information that I have or maybe even purchase some things but I can't
if I can't contact the party.
Thank You
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Wayne Plush
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Then again who want's a deluge of spam? For questions respond to the NG that's why it exists. As for sellers if they aren't smart enough to link to a website or other means of selling their product it's probably a scam in the 1st place.
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information or are
key blanks etc.
no. that you can be
yesterday and both
love to help people
things but I can't
Wayne, "real" email addresses are spoofed for good reason. (has to do with unsolicited spam) when I want to communicate with someone in private email. I have them send their correct email address to one of my free web based accounts.
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