Mill table accuracy

I thought out of idle curiosity I would measure the accuracy of my Warco A1S
mill table now the mill has had a few years use and I thought it about time
to adjust the gib strips. Over about 18" movement I had 3 thou error on the
X movement. Is this typical? mediocre? bad? good? or what? for an early
imported machine. Seems to be due to the weight of the X table transferring
from one side to the other as it over hangs the Y table and Knee.
I cannot say that the gib adjustment is straight forward. The manual is not
a lot of good and the drawings do not even show the gibs. They appear to be
long tapers from both ends. So I reasoned that tightening them from both
ends would be the obvious adjustment ....... no that doesn't work .....
seems you have to loosen one end and then tighten the other .... but which
end to loosen and which to tighten? Tried both ways with no obvious change.
I would expect to be able to lock the table by such an adjustment.
Anyone got an A1S that knows how the gibs work?
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Alan Marshall
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HI Alan
Well ! Finally I've heard from someone else who has a Waeco A1S.
As far as I've done it, you loosed the (smaller head size - I think) screw at one end of the gib and then tighten the (larger head size - IIRC) screw at the other end of the gib. That semed to work for me. Must say, the instructions aren't clear.
Apart from that, I've had no problems with my mill except two :- 1. As delivered, the nut at the bottom on the quill was loose - easily tightened. 2. Had one bad Taiwanese V Belt - made a click on every revolution - so went to my local supplier and bought two good English made ones. Found that the Chinese belt sizes are a little "off". Supplier let me "borrow" a range of belts to try various combinations. Kept the best fitting pair and returned the rest - only then did he ask for any money. Find that the belts are a little tight when changing speeds. Next size up are too loose. Can't tension them.
BTW. I used a fly-cutter to set to the correct radius to machine the quill locking collet to match the quill. As delivered - with a straight taper - it was a pig to get locked and unlocked and was marking the quill.
Have fun Andy
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I have to say that I have had no problems with my belts and with time and use they have become very easy to change. They were certainly stiff when new.
I seem to have the same size heads on the adjusting screws at both ends on all the gibs, not that I heave measured them just eyeballed them.
The quill lock has been fine.
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Alan Marshall

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