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I am in search of a good accurate, small, plain, milling machine vice for my
new small cnc mill. My existing vice is just a bit big and heavy.The vice
should have jaws about 2in wide, opening 1 3/4in min. No tilt or siwvel is
required so as to save space and help rigidity. I have looked at GLR, Chronos
and Axminster who seem to offer a similar range of products, but none appear
suitable. Any advice / suggestions please.
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You may or may not appreciate this suggestion... Make one. I wanted a milling vice to make the most use of the vertical slide on my ML7 and I couldn't find any which were a good match for size. I made one out of a couple of 4"x2"x7" pieces of cast iron bar, made a 1/2x10 acme tap to thread the vice body and made the matching screw. If you already have the cnc mill and a larger vice, the job shouldn't be too much of a pain.
HTH Mark Rand RTFM
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Mark Rand
Many thanks for the suggestion it did occur to me, even one of the hemmigway kits. But when you start getting old time is precious. I have a job that needs doing on a loco i am building and can't really afford time off the job to make a vice. Many thks anyway.
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Home & Workshop Machinery offer one with 55mm jaws, made in New Zealand.
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with or without swivel base.
No connection, etc
Cheers Tim
Tim Leech Dutton Dry-Dock
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Myford do a small milling vice to suit their vertical slides and its dimensions are about what you specify.
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Jim Guthrie

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