Yippee -New Workshop

At last, I've moved house. I can't believe how long it all takes, seems like every time I move it takes another month longer for the solicitors to do all the stuff they do (you don't think they pad it out to justify the fees do you?). I've got most of the rooms in the house sorted out now (been a hard couple of days!) so I can turn my attention to the important stuff -like 400 square feet or workshop space- over the weekend I hope.

When I booked the removals company I ordered a big removals van for the house and two 3.5 tonne Luton bodied vans for the workshop / garden stuff. I told them to make sure one of the Lutons had a tail lift on, but they came without one. Did you know it takes five removals men to pick up a Tom Senior M2 Milling machine main casting, and the same for a surface grinder. At least after that the lathe, surface plate, pillar drill, etc didn't seem so bad!



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