Workshop Construction

Some time ago I recall a thread descibing a workshop construction but
despite keeping 95% of posts I can't find a sensible text to search on
which brings up the details.
Am I having a 'senior moment' or can any one else remember who it was
doing the new build?
The reason for the enquiry is that I seem to remember that some sort of
prefabricated panels were used and I'm looking to do something similar
but can't find any similar (or even suitable) panels from the usual
building trade sources.
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That'll be Mark Rands ..
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All the best.the other mark.
a folder on photobucket showing, me...building mine.........built over 10 years ago
traditional construction you may not be interested .
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ISTR another thread a bit more recently, but haven't looked for it yet.
My panels came form these nice gentlemen:-
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The panels cost me about £8000 inc VAT in the summer of 2005 for a 30m^2 workshop 3m high with 150mm SIPs for all walls, roof and door.
The rest of the work cost me somewhat more and shortened my life by several decades :-)
Mark Rand RTFM
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Mark Rand
Great series of photo's, including all the others at test-net, especially this one:
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Looks just like my workshop ALL the time.................
Is there any text to go with the workshop series - looks like a brilliant workshop!
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Thanks for the pointer, Mark. It's always useful to see how others have solved 'problems' since it might lead to a rethink so I never dismiss ideas out-of-hand.
Useful info Mark, Thanks. I may well seek you out at the Leamington Exhibition and get some first hand pointers.
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The position and size of the workshop certainly appears to have sucessfully reduced the Rand family exposure to any fluctuations in the price of lawn mowers.
Have your neighbours made any comments?
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Charles Ping

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