More chuck jaws

I'm on the lookout for outside jaws for a 6" (imperial) Pratt- Burnerd

3-jaw (actually a Griptru but that doesn't make any difference to the jaws) also for a 200mm Metric P-B 3-jaw.

Looking on the Thame workholding site

formatting link
for dimensions

their part nos are EOG and EG20.

Buying a new chuck would be cheaper, though :-(

I've got a 6" 3-jaw, anonymous and needs a good clean but looks in half-decent order, with outside jaws only. Sadly they don't fit a Pratt :-( Might be handy for someone for a rotary table. I'd gladly swap it for the jaws I need, or for a bit of beer money. (Warrington area)


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Tim Leech
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Get a price quote from P-B!!!

You will then run yelping to ANYONE else and feel pleased to pay them just what they ask, as it will be far more palatable.


Cheers Trevor Jones

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Trevor Jones

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