Motor caput?

As regular lurker and very occasional contributor I'd like some advice
Minor mill/drill 1981 vintage with Chinese 1HP, capacitor start, single
phase, 230v motor.
Had just started a cut when everything stopped.
Blown mains fuse.
Replaced it and even with motor belts removed the motor just turns a bit
when switched on, then the fuse goes again.
Where do I start looking for trouble?
Thanks in anticipation
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Faulty capacitor, does the motor have a centifugal switch whose contacts are now fused together.
Martin P
Drag> As regular lurker and very occasional contributor I'd like some > advice please.
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Good morning all. Have taken motor off and found centrifugal switch is OK. Capacitor 'looks' OK! Connection diagram on motor shows connect mains to 1 and 4. Connect 1& 5 to run one way Connect 4 & 5 to run the other. Haven't checked it out but I presume that is what the on/reversing switch does.
Resistance 1 to 4 is 2 ohms. Resistance 5 to capacitor is 1.2 ohms. Does all that seem reasonable?
My next move is??
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Give it a spin by hand whilst underpower (make sure nothings down to earth before you do this or your in for a shock) to see if the caps buggered ....should start without cap if you spin it ..
all the best.mark
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Thanks for hint Mark. That did the trick and 'seemed' to show it was the capacitor. Something said I should put it back and try again. It worked! Then I looked at the capacitor cover and found a burn mark. The only thing between capacitor terminal and cover was some thickish 'paper' and it had shorted through it after 24 years. I'll improve on that and all should be well. Doubt I'll need another 24 years but you never know!
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