Name for lozenge head screws

I have a small FJ Edwards guillotine likely for jewellers as the blade
is about 6.25" wide and I have just made a guide to suit the T slot to
keep the sheet square to the blade. The T slot has blind ends and the
only way a T nut could be inserted would be to dismantle the guillotine.
I have seen in the past screws with lozenge shaped heads which allow
them to be inserted into the narrow upper section of the T slot and then
rotated to engage the wider slot but don't know what they're called,
I've tried searching and haven't found anything. I made my own in the
end and all works fine but it would be useful to know what they're
called if I need any more in the future.
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David Billington
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perhaps this search might be of help.
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Thanks for that, now I have an idea what they're called for future reference. The T slot has a 1/2" narrow width so an off the shelf solution wasn't suitable because of various constraints so I ended up making my own with an M6 thread as a M6 indexing clamp handle was small enough to clear various other features on the guillotine.
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David Billington

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