North East Electronics PNC4 Controller

Hope someone out there might have a North East Electronics PNC4 controller with the drawings showing the connections for the stepper motors there are three drive cards built in and all three come out into a 25 pin d Connector there is also a round socket which I think is for safety circuits I have the programming information and the software to conncet with this control but North East Electronics want silly money just to talk to you about this control and then there are no garuantees that it will work so if anyone can help I would be most grateful and cover all copying cost Thanks All. Colin

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Colin Wildgust
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I can understand why they may not want current proprietary information to be released, but they won't even talk to you about obsolete stuff either, which is bad practice in my view.

The Newing-Hall engraver we have is fitted with a NEE controller, and they really are almost insulting when you ask about spares or support or information.

We picked up a spare controller last year on ebay for spares, and have got the eproms out to copy as well, just in case we lose the programmes.

We haven't any circuitry but would also be interested in anything relevant, all costs covered etc.


-- Peter A Forbes Prepair Ltd, Luton, UK

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Prepair Ltd

seems that nee want to charge =A3250 for a contract for 1 year, you are then allowed phone calls to pin point any problems with your machine or have one of their tech's call @ =A375 an hr to fix, plus parts if they have them, this is what they offered me, on a machine 25 years old, sounds as were in the wrong line of work, colin get in touch, might be able to help

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Thanks for looking at my problem yes you've come across there exorbitent charges my e-mail adress is would be most grateful of any help Cheers Colin.

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Colin Wildgust

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