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For about 5 years since Peter Forbes kindly delivered it I've been tripping over a Norman T300 mk2 240vac genny set. When it arrived it ran like a three legged dog for max 5 mins and wouldn't generate. During the grand pre-winter clear up I decided that its turn must come (on the twin grounds that I like the little beauties and we have a Labour Govt :-). A 1/2 day job thinks I !! Genny first: clean slip-rings and comm and remove control box, strip and clean rheostat. repair broken ammeter with glue and new meter pivot. Strip and clean old Crabtree 10A trip. Also replace open connections studs with modern plastic 240vac genny socket. Reassemble and Lo at cranking speed there is a small output from both AC and DC circuits. During process I reveal plate which says Autodiesels 1954 1.5KW at 1500rpm.

Just the engine then! One plug shows signs of rust so pull barrel - piston fine with late mods, bore just acceptable . Needless to say the head nuts round out and two head studs shear. Gas torch (worth even BOCs rip-off bottle rental) frees them and finally get head off. Remove valves: one slops about like sausage up North street other brings half the guide with it. Weld cracked starting handle. Dig out spares prudently bought from Mr Sparks many moons ago. Make drift remove and replace guides. Cut seats and face valves. Grind in. Replace head. Considered facing it but CBA. Remove clean and replace mag points and change oil. Poke wire through fuel line to remove clots. Uuugh! Apply repair bandage to now irreplaceable exhaust pipe. Adjust tappets. Attempt to start - key on handle strips. .*(*&^^%(*%. Remove and make new key. and... away she goes. Settles down to 1600rpm and with about 300W of load we have

230vac @1500 rpm retire for beer with warm glow... three days work continues to hum smoothly Remember why I enjoy this
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Roland Craven
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Well done, can we all bring outr projects to you for attention over the winter :-))

Mart> For about 5 years since Peter Forbes kindly delivered it I've been

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Sorry no I've got a backlog to deal with. Next is the 3hp PAZ1 Workman-Reed

240vac Petter-light set. All I need to do is replace the engine (run [away!] big end) and alternator (missing brush-holders) with stock that works and fake up the missing control box. However this one has electrical decompressor and stop and maybe even electrical governer. I presume therefore its 24vdc charge and start. Anyone got a suitable circuit diagram they could scan for me please?? or perhaps a spare SoM control box?? ttfn Roland
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Roland Craven

Thanks for reminding us what it is all about Roland. There is little to match the satisfaction of turning an inert lump of metal into a living, breathing thing with a beating heart of internal fire (I knew I shouldn't have watched "How to make the perfect scary movie" last night). And it is almost irrelevant whether the subject is the only remaining example of an

1890 Sturgeon-Silent 3 1/2 stroke (drat those Otto patents!) or an Atco mower engine you rescued from the council tip.
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