I have been looking at second hand lathes, and I rather like the look of a Raglan Little John (or, even better, Raglan 5"). Because I have not been looking at "mint" condition machines (they usually fall outside my budget) they have all needed work, or had parts missing. I was a little concerned that spares for these machines seem thin on the ground. Can anyone with one of these machines point me towards a source of spares -change gears, steadies, feed screws/nuts, chuck backplates, etc. Also are there any parts that I should not buy a machine without, or that are particularly difficult/expensive to source? Also is there anything to look out for with these machines?

What should a "full" set of change gears consist of?



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Kevin Steele
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for some stuff for Raglans. I've had a topslide screw and nut as well as some gears from him for my 5 inch and the quality is good, he does backplates, slotted cross slides and so forth.

Otherwise some parts are shown on

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I've no experience of Littlejohn lathes, but like the 5 inch.

HTH, Arthur G

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Arthur G

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