rubber belting

At the exhibitions are sold some form of rubber or plastic belting, of the sort that you heat the ends of to join up. (Grammar? :-) )

Is this available in 1mm diameter, because I have a number of cassette tape recorders (oldest is 40 years old) in which the drive belts have gone to mush.

When I have been able to locate spare belts, the price has always been about £15 each, and I thought that perhaps that belting in only 1mm dia could be a solution?

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If you cannot buy an 'O ring' of the correct size from an engineers supplies place then you can buy 'O ring kits' comprising a selection of cord diameters, a splicing / cutting jig and some superglue.


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Andrew Mawson

2mm is readily availble, but I don't know about 1mm.

Cassette tape recorders are often square section belts with suitable pulleys and don't work well with round belt.

Open reel recorders often have long round belts and a custom O ring kit often solves the problem. However, it usually seems to work out cheaper to buy replacement belts if you can find them, the O-ring kit is a last resort when you cannot buy a belt (I had to take this solution with my Tandberg open reel machine).

I usually try these people:

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Despite the name, they also sell belts.


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Alan Bain

Several suppliers of "1mm o ring cord" on ebay


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Bob Minchin

Many thanks to those who have responded, but I feel that the use of nitrile O ring material will only move the problem 10 years down the line, as ISTR that the original belts which go mushy are of that material.

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