Source of rubber belts?

Is there a source of rubber belts in various lengths from 2"
upwards in increments of 1/2", rather than going to a
specialist electrical components supplier to buy such belts
in highly-priced packages?
I have two cassette tape machines which have both given
up the ghost at about the same time (rubber belts having taken
on the physical characteristics of liquorice), and it seems that I'd
get a better deal if I were to buy the belts from whoever the belts
from whoever specialist electrical components supplier buys then from.
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If you can't find something suitable, you could try making a belt to length using the stuff Hemingway supply - or used to - for the pillartool. Bond-a-Band, I think it is called. Cut to length and join with a hot knife blade; will transmit many times more power than your tape machine could conceivably need.
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David Littlewood
I don't know if they still exist, but we used to deal with a company called Tape Recorder Spares, who did all manner of things like drive belts etc etc.
They diversified out into mainstream components, but might be worth doing a serach for them.
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Peter A Forbes
formatting link
Seem fairly good value, have used them in the past. Gordy
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