Supplier of flat belting?

After some months of being without a lathe, I've been given an old ZYTO, but I need some flat belting. ISTR at one of the exhibitions that a firm (Hemingway?) had some orange plastic round belting for drills that you glued end-to-end.

I wonder if there is a similar product for flat belting; specifically I do not wish to disturb the headstock and the headstock's alignment to fit a belt.

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go to A C Belting at

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they will have all you need

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Nick Holden

I had exactly the same problem recently with my old Southbend. I didn't want to take the head apart to thread a new belt in, and didn't want one joined with "aligator" clips as they make a right racket

-especially as the belt is open (health & safety? -not in MY workshop!). I bought a ready made & skived belt and some special glue to fix it together -worked great, but the glue was expensive (and lethal -poisenous, highly flamable, and an acid that you shouldn't let come in contact with skin!). Is is still performing well, and silently. I got it from Phoenex Belting (which is part of leicester bearings) -might be worth trying some local bearing suppliers to see what they can offer.


Kev>After some months of being without a lathe, I've

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Kevin Steele

Here's an idea The fire hoses that the fire service use would be ideal for the application your talking about. A WHILE BACK I had a look at the belt on my Jones and Shipman grinder........and I thought that looks's the same stuff as fire hose .......take it from me. So get round to your local fire-station and ask if they have any ruined hoses.You would just have to cut a peice out and your overlap when glued together aint going to be as bad as them other things that make a racket. all the best....mark

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I had one made up by him for a Zyto that I briefly owned - worked just fine.

Regards, Tony

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Tony Jeffree

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