tailstock chuck dilema

Hello group,
Due to illness I have been forced to reduce the scale of my engineering
activities, thus this is my first posting to this group. I hope it is
I have purchased a very small second-hand lathe (it has no identifying
manufacturers mark). It appears to have been manufactured to imperial
The tailstock id fitted with a dead centre which is in a parallel bore of
0.75 inch with a keyway and a thread which protrudes from the back of the
tailstock for adjustment. I would like to replace the dead centre with a
chuck (preferably at least 3/8 inch capacity, but all the tailstock chucks I
can find have a morse taper fitting. Does anyone make an adaptor or is there
some recognised way of overcoming this problem. In case it becomes relevant,
the height of the dead centre point above the bed is 2.5 inches and the top
of the bed on which the tailstock runs is a dovetail 2 inches wide.
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Peter Chadbund
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This sounds like a Taig lathe on my side of the pond, a Peatol on yours. Does the picture at the top of show your lathe?
In any case, they make Jacobs chucks with a variety of threaded holes to fit onto hand drills. One of those is what you need, 3/8-24 if the lathe is a Taig/Peatol.
And plan to spend an evening browsing around the
formatting link
site, a treasure trove of information about the lathe.
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Tove Momerathsson
Hi Tove, Thanks for those links. My lathe looks similar in principle, but older in style and less closed in. I will try and get a decent photograph tomorrow. I am at a loss to understand how I would attach a chuck of the type you describe, unless I got a 3/4 inch mandrel made to replace the one attached to the dead centre. Peter
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Peter Chadbund
I think I have found something similar to what I need. On ebay is an item described as DRILL CHUCK ARBOR 1/2" STRAIGHT SHANK x 3/8-24 THREAD but I would need one 3/4 inch dia. Peter
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Peter Chadbund
Peter, surely this is a simple turning job that can be completed without the tailstock so you could make your own. JT6 on the end or similar to suit the chuck (better than the threaded types)and parallel turn the rest.
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Bob Minchin
Not too sure about the accuracy of my turning skills! Plus, I don't have the motor set up yet, trying to sort everything else whilst it is accesible on the bench. Peter
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Peter Chadbund
Thanks to everyone who responded, for giving confidence to a "newbie" to explore more. The dead centre itself turned out to be on a MT1 taper fitted in the parallel-sided "carrier" so the imminent purchase of a chuck on aMT1 taper should solve my problem. No doubt I shall be back with more problems before long! Peter
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Peter Chadbund

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